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Grizzly Bob Robert Kenel
With a special focus on historic log home restoration.
Home Builders Association

About Grizzly Bob

I have been a handcrafted log builder since 1975. Managing several businesses I owned including a solid surface, fabrication company, Log restoration company, and Licensed Builder and General contractor. Working throughout the U.S. I have not only built handcrafted, but constructed many manufactured log homes for many log manufactures. My restoration work has taken me to projects of historical interest , working on projects for many government agencies. Such as State, Federal , Dept of National Resources, local government and many privately owned historical registered structures. Following the Secretary of Interior Standards for Restoration. And using the AIA procedure of bidding.
I’ve been involved with many associations and organizations having to do with the log and building trades. I have written many published articles on methods of log restoration and replacement of logs. I have also been the longest acting Presidents of the Great Lakes log Crafters Association, and am now currently a Board member. In addition I have severed as a voting member on the ICC 400 Log Standard consensus committee for the last three editions as well as represent the Log and Timber Council, NHBA Building Systems at the ICC hearings.
I am currently the Chairman of the international group, Log Building Leadership Alliance. Working towards creating thermal rating standards for massive wood , addressing the needs and issues confronting the Log Industry. Worked as a Project Manager on the show Cabin Fever for National Geographic.
Retiring from building after forty years frees up time to do more for the log industry. I am currently working as a Territory Manager for a log product manufacturer. Covering the northeast U.S. And Eastern Canada.

2021 President of IMTA. International Mass Timber Alliance
2021. President of ILBA. International Log Building Association
Board of Directors GLLCA Great Lakes Log Crafters Association.
ICC 400 consensus Committee
North East U. S. And Eastern Canada Territory Manager for Sashco


for more information please use Bob’s email link on the contact page or call Grizzly Bob at 989-980-2725

On February 24, 2015 Grizzly Bob Kenel and crew was featured on National Geographic’s “Cabin Fever”! Watch this clip from that episode.