Restoring history- one log home at a time!

With a special focus on historic log home restoration. Check out these photos of the rent restoration of King House in Good Hart, Michigan. For more info go to their association link 

Preserving American History

The log cabin is a uniquely American  building type. It was first used for simple protection from the elements during years of Westward expansion.  As the nation expanded the style grew into multi-room homes, eventually incorporating indoor plumbing and even electric lighting.  The major benefit of the log home was that the natural wood resource was plentiful. It was also usually available from the the surrounding  area of construction. Many of these homes still exist and many of those are noted as historic structures by the Secretary of the Interior.

Grizzly Bob has developed a special focus on restoring these uniquely American homes. Whatever their size or age would love to take a look at your restoration project!

Within that we offer…

  • Expert restoration consulting and building services. 

  • Historic preservation specialists, as designated by the Secretary of Interior Standards for historic projects.

  • Quality professional management and construction.  

Log Home Restoration

Whether your log home is in need of new chinking or caulking, log replacement, or a whole structural re-build Grizzly Bob is your log home restoration specialist.Foundation rebuilding is also part of what we do. Although we’re home based in Michigan we can probably assist you in your log home or log cabin restoration needs, wherever you are in the continental U.S. Just call l us and provide us the details of YOUR project and we can determine if you could benefit from the Grizzly Bob touch! Email Bob at .

Because of the advanced age of many historic log structures preservation begins at ground level as exemplified by the rot and deterioration noted in these photos of a recent project.